Concerns Addressed

Friday a week ago, I called my landlady about my concerns, namely the kitchen light, the AC (and my $155 electric bill!) and the tree and bush that need trimming.

She said by all means call the electrician and call the AC guy and have them come out.  I was also able to sweet talk her into paying for a yard guy to come out to deal with the bush between the garages, which not only has two elm tree seedlings growing up through it, but which is encroaching onto the opening of “B’s” garage, and the big locust tree by the side gate (at left) which had been lopped off about six feet from the ground, and which has been growing out from the stump.

So, Monday, I had my annual checkup appointment at the VA, and had to be there at 8 a.m. for labs (so did everybody else in the world, apparently — I waited an hour for it to be my turn! Thankfully, my appointment wasn’t until 10 a.m.).  I also intended to go by Monday afternoon to have a nice long visit with my friend LB who is having her third go-round with breast cancer.  (The library was closed for 4th of July, so no knitting group on Tuesday.)  I brought her the yarn I had gotten for her daughter (which is definitely Lion Brand Homespun yarn, and I think it may be the “Painted Desert” colorway. )

I got home from my VA appointment at about 11 o’clock, but couldn’t go by LB’s until after noon because she had a late morning doctor’s appointment also, so I called the electrician and the AC guy and got voicemail, as I figured I would.  The AC guys go nuts during summer, and I figured it would be several days before he could fit me in.  But before I could leave to go visit LB, the AC guy called back. He was out on a job but if I could be home before 4 pm, he could fit me in! Oh, joy!

LB and I had a lovely visit, knitting and chatting.  LB is a reader, too, and we share many of the same tastes in reading matter.  She gets her chemo treatments on Tuesdays (except she got last week off), and Mondays are her best days in terms of how she feels and how much energy she has.  This next Tuesday will begin her last cycle of chemo, and then they will put her on a maintenance regimen (pills) with this new drug that was just approved by the FDA for her type of breast cancer — which her current oncologist thinks was misdiagnosed on her first go-round as hormone positive, when it actually wasn’t, and it was treated as hormone-positive twice.  Her current doc thinks this is the reason it has recurred twice. This go-round, she has supposedly been given the correct chemotherapy regimen, which hopefully will do the job.  A bunch of us, especially her husband and daughter, have fingers crossed that this time chemo will have gotten it all, and that we’ll all get to keep her for quite a while longer.

When I got home about 3:30-ish I had hardly gotten in the door before the AC guy called.  He showed up shortly thereafter, diagnosed my problem as a lack of cool juice, topped it off, and I was good to go.  While he was doing a “wellness check” on the rest of the AC setup,  the electrician called me back.  Shortly thereafter, the electrician came by to look at the kitchen light.  Turns out the electrician and the AC guy know each other.  So they chat while the electrician is fixing the light and the AC guy is adjusting the self-closing mechanism on my storm door (!) to where it will actually close the door instead of just nearly closing it (did I mention that the AC guy is really nice?).  The electrician gave the kitchen light a squint and decided that the prongs on that one light socket were cattywompus.  He adjusted the prongs and so far, it’s been working fine.

I haven’t called the “specialist” yard guy yet, but I will Monday.  He’s the same guy I called to weed my flower bed last year — he and his wife are these tiny Hispanic people — he’s shorter than I am (I’m 5’4″), — and noticeably thinner (!).  Whether he can see to the tree will depend on whether he has a chain saw.  If he does, it will be interesting to see him go after that tree trunk with it.  If I have my druthers, I’d like that trunk to be taken down to ground level.  That way, the “regular” yard guys can lop off any shoots that come out of it with the strimmer when they mow the lawn.  While I’ve got him, I might see if he can lop a couple branches off the honey locust in the back yard.  There is one particular branch that’s entirely too close to the power line from the pole to the house for my liking.  I could take it off with my bow saw, but I’d have to borrow a ladder to reach it.

In the knitting news, I’m writing a hat pattern, with a poofy big top part (like a Rastacap) and I’m doing the test knit out of the other “odd” skein of what is definitely Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I had gotten week before last when AM brought that huge bin of yarn to knitting group.  It’s a variegated dark pink/white yarn which could be their colorway “Cherry Blossom” or “Parfait” — hard to tell from the small swatch on their website.  Beside the knitting is one of my Bubba stainless steel tumblers.   I got more the last time I shopped, and now have four of them.  They’re top rack dishwasher safe.  I may end up getting two more since it takes me so durn long to dirty enough dishes to make up a full dishwasher load — which is another reason I’m glad I have twelve plates of both sizes in my dishes pattern.

I finished the cabled hat (right) and cowl I was working on and finished another Coriolis chemo hat (below)with the left over yarn from a toboggan cap I made for LB.  It seems there’s just enough yarn in a skein of that Red Heart Unforgettable yarn to make a toboggan hat and a Coriolis chemo hat, with about a Tootsie Roll Pop size ball of yarn left over.  I may end up knotting all those little balls of yarn together and make a toboggan cap of many colors for my BFF.  She’d be up for that.

Next payday, I need to get some 24-inch ChiaoGoo Red Lace circular needles in various sizes (US 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10). I love those needles.  The taper on the points is just perfect for the way I knit, and makes things like K3tog’s and sssk’s so much easier.  If you like to do lace knitting, you should try some out because of the long-taper points.

However, I’d buy them just for the way they do the “circular” bit on their circular needles.  It is so flexible and has no “memory” of being coiled, unlike the nylon used in almost all the other circular knitting needles I’ve seen.  The “business ends” of the circular needles (and their DPN’s are polished stainless steel (which means they are slick!) and not powder coated in different colors like some metal knitting needles.  The join between the connecting bit and the needle proper is also very smooth. They are also very competitively priced, around $9-$11 a set depending on the length and size.  If you can’t find the ones you want on Amazon, try Smartisans.

KC in knitting group loves bamboo needles.  She says metal needles hurt her hands, but I think that’s because metal needles are too slick for the way she knits.  (I’m pretty sure she’s a “thrower.”) I think she hates the Unforgettable yarn because it does not work well with the bamboo needles, which aren’t as slippery as the metal ones, and don’t let the yarn slide as freely as metal needles (especially the ChiaoGoos) do.  Consequently, because it is a single ply yarn, it has a tendency to “spread out” and split.  In the end, though, it all comes down to how you knit, and you have to knit with a particular kind of needles to see if you’re going to like them.

To change the subject without segue, I’ve always noticed some “tendencies” I have when I’m writing, either on the keyboard or “manually” with a pen.  I’m a phonetic speller, which is why I’ve been trying to spell “sword” without the “w” for literally decades.  The vagaries of English spelling are legion and fraught with pitfalls and exceptions, especially for a phonetic speller. (“I” before “E” except after “C” or unless it sounds “ay” as in “neighbor” and “weigh” — or unless it’s “weird.”)  I continually try to leave out the first “e” in “variegated” and I can never remember where the double “L” in “parallel” goes, or whether “puzzle” is spelled “EL” or “LE,” And if “knitting” has a “K,” why doesn’t “needle” have one?

My biggest stumbling block, though, is homophones — which are, as you may recall, words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently, like there/their/they’re, to/too/two and so/sew.  English, because its vocabulary is a big packrat’s nest of borrowings from multiple languages and because of its wonky spelling (which is Gutenberg’s fault*, BTW), has hundreds of them.  When I’m in first-draft mode — typing down my thoughts as fast as they come off the top of my head, I’ll  come to a word that’s a homophone, and type the wrong one.  I used to do it about half the time, but this tendency has gotten noticeably worse over the years.  Now, I pretty much do it every time.  I will be flying along and want the word “meet” and will invariably type “meat” as sure as sure.  Lately, I’ve been finding that things are neither hear nor their.  I have grate expectations, fetes worse than death (I bet you’ve been to a couple of those, too), and sew many things are the worse for where.  I’ve been tied up in nots (haven’t we all), been caught knapping, and have fallen pray to confusion. It’s beginning to bee a bit two much.

*During the 15th century, English was in the throes of a massive pronunciation change in the form of the great vowel shift at the same time that Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norman French, and Norse spellings and pronunciations were being homogenized into early modern English and letters we didn’t pronounce any more were getting weeded out.  We were only about halfway through sorting out this orthographical mish-mash and what does Johannes Gutenberg do but go and invent the printing press. Thomas Caxton gets wind of it, and the next thing you know, the whole half-sorted mess has been (type)set into printed concrete.  So the next time you are wrestling with English spelling and it’s beating you in straight falls, blame Gutenberg.

A Twilight Zone Moment

Thought I would work on a hat that has a cable on.  Wished I knew where my skinny cable needle was.  The fat one will work, but the skinny one would, in this case, work better.  Looked around on my desk for it.  Remembered I hadn’t seen it in my little dish for quite a while.  Looked through the gallon Ziplock bags I use for project bags, found the as yet unfinished hat that has a cable in it, but the needle wasn’t in there.  Thought about tearing up the world looking for it, but I decided I wasn’t that keen on finding it. Sat down at my desk and was working on the ribbed toboggan and heard what sounded like the fat(cat)boy playing with something hard on the sheet of plywood my chair and desk are on.  I was going to ignore it, but then I thought it might be a stitch marker, which is plastic, brittle, and could be eaten, and thought I’d better see what it was he was playing with.  Would you believe it was my skinny cable needle?  No idea how (or when) it got on the floor where he could find it and play with it.  It has a few teeth nicks in one end like he might have tried to pick it up in his mouth.  The weirdest thing about the whole episode is while I was looking for it and not finding it, I said to him, “Why don’t you find my skinny cable needle?” Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

April’s electric bill was $75 (£57); May’s electric bill was $90 (£64);  Just got my bill for June –$155!!! (£118).  Went to set my AC on 80F (26.6 C) and saw that, although the trigger temp was set for 78 F (25.5 C), the thermostat read 80F and the AC was just running and running and running.  Changed out the thermostat batteries and reset the trigger temp to 80 F and it’s only running very intermittently.  I think I’m having the AC guy out after the holidays. (July 4).

Last night at about 2 a.m. we had an old fashioned thunder boomer and it bucketed down for a good half hour.  Much needed rain.  It’s supposed to get up to 100 F (37.7 C) tomorrow, with high’s in the mid to high 90’s for the next ten days.  Our relative humidity is 68% at the moment (stop snickering, SA!). I’ve got a fan blowing on my cable modems and computer tower (which are side by side) so I don’t fry my motherboard or modems.

I counted just now and I’ve got six different hats in progress.  I get bored with one and switch to another.  I think I’m going to see if my cousin in Capitan, NM would like some hat/cowl sets to raffle off this fall as a fund raiser for their library.  The yarn I’m using for the above hat is not really soft enough for a chemo hat, but I’ve got enough yarn to make the matching cowl.  I’ve also got a skein of the Homespun yarn I got from AM at knitting group that’s white and rose variegated. I think I can get a hat and cowl out of one skein of it.  Seems like I did before.  I might do a couple of man cowls, too, for the sake of equal opportunity.

Here’s what I’ve got so far on the toboggan cap with ribbing. After thinking about it, I did 1.5 inches of stockinette (which curls like crazy) followed by 3 inches of ribbing.  Then the rest of the hat will be stockinette. The ribbing will be on the inside of the hem.  I’ll see how it looks, and if I like it, I’ll write the pattern up and put it on my knitting blog. In a provisional cast on, you cast on over a piece of scrap yarn (some of that Lily’s Sugar & Cream cotton yarn). That’s what those strings hanging off the bottom are.  I have several lengths of it that I keep in my little dish and reuse.

Now, I’ve got to call the stupid cable company and find out if the $10 (£8) that my bill went up is just a one-shot deal or if I need to start looking for cheaper cable.  Then I’m going to bed.  Now that I’ve turned the AC down, I may be sleeping under just a top sheet.

Still Doing OK

Went to the dentist for my extraction checkup and it was good.  I’m doing OK there.  Still not having any pain to speak of (touch wood!).  Since I’m not (can’t) taking opiates, I’m pretty clear headed, so I’m able to do something a bit more complicated than TV knitting.  My eating is still quite restricted to liquid and soft things.  I had a fried egg sandwich for lunch yesterday — on a commercial white bread hamburger bun, which is pretty much nothing but air and flour paste, so requiring hardly any chewing — so I’m gradually and carefully edging toward more solid food.  Again the dentist stressed “babying” the area and doing nothing that might disturb or disrupt the extraction site and the bone graft within.

Right now, the two most important things are healing without infection, and the bone graft “taking.”  Having the tooth implant requires that my body has made living bone out of the bone graft, and that requires healing without infection.

I made a pattern for a no-frills toboggan hat which has a deep rolled hem and which involves nothing more difficult than knit stitches and ssk’s.  I finished it a little bit ago.  I haven’t published the pattern yet, but I will.

So Far, So Good

Mom came and picked me up Wednesday morning and I got to the dentist with 5 whole minutes to spare.  He did me dirty, though, as his nitrous oxide machine was not working.  It’s not the pain; it’s the noise of the drill that just curls my toes.  Still I had my MP# player on so it wasn’t quite so bad.  As I noted, there was not much tooth left above the gum line, so he had to remove it piecemeal, but it went OK.  A headlock was not required.

My ice fingers were brilliant.  Three was just the right amount — a life hack to remember if you have rambunctious kids (keep a couple in the freezer at all times), or are anticipating a medical or dental procedure that require icing a body part:  Fill a snack size baggie half full of water and almost completely seal it, forcing as much air out as you can.  Then seal it completely and lay it on its side in the freezer and let it freeze.  Wrap it in a wash cloth to apply — not because it will leak, but to protect your skin. Once the ice has melted, just pop it back into the freezer to refreeze.  Another life hack to remember:  Icing a wound or injury is usually done 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off — which is about how often network TV programs break for commercial.  Apply the ice pack during a commercial break, take it off during the next commercial break, then put it back on at the next commercial break, etc.

I was supposed to take three 200 mg ibuprofen and one 325 mg acetaminophen every four hours for pain, and a hefty antibiotic every 6 hours.  Since I’m allergic to all the good stuff (opiates) that’s about all I can take anyway, and so far, that has done the trick.

Fortunately, I can eat oatmeal and soft foods, because the high-protein Boost doesn’t fill me up and popping that much ibuprofen and a dose of acetaminophen besides on nothing but liquid doesn’t work very well as liquids are rapidly absorbed by the stomach.

I noticed when I woke up this morning that the floor of my mouth under my tongue was puffy, but as far as actual pain, I have had very little so far (touch wood!).

He put a membrane over the bone graft and sewed that in to protect it.  The idea is that the bleeding into the socket will soak into the bone graft and the fibrin that helps form the blood clot will form a bridging matrix by which my own bone will grow out into the graft and incorporate it into new bone, which is the whole point of the exercise.

He wants to see me today at 11 a.m. and I need to go get ready.  More later.

Owwies Ahead

I got in to see the dentist this morning about the loose crown, and we talked over the situation. If the tooth had to be pulled (it should have been pulled 3 years ago), I was going to ask him to recommend someone who could do a dental implant. Turns out he does them himself. He has an opening Wednesday morning — yeah, like tomorrow!

So, bright and early tomorrow morning, my mom is picking me up and he will remove the roots — there’s not enough of the tooth left above the gum line to actually pull it out — which was the problem with the crown (there has to be some tooth left to put the crown on — besides a glob of cement, which is basically what it’s been sitting on for the past 3 years!) Then he will do a bone graft at the same sitting, because it’s a molar and my molars have big, long roots.  Without a bone graft, the tooth socket will be too deep and too wide to hold the part of the implant that goes down into the jawbone.  Fingers crossed the graft will “take”.

In four months, assuming the graft “takes,”  he will implant the shank gismo into the jawbone bone, and then at some point after that, he will put a tooth on it.  That’ll be a total of 3 grand, please. Thank you very much.

My pantry is already well-stocked with soup, oatmeal, and fruit juice, but on my way home, I stopped at Walmart and bought a 12-pack of high-protein Boost.  I have put some ice-fingers* to freeze in the freezer.  My Kindle is well-stocked.  I have DVD’s to watch, and TV knitting** to do.  I’m finishing up syncing my MP# player as I type to listen to calming music during the procedure.

I probably won’t be doing much of anything for the rest of Wednesday but sleeping.  Fingers crossed, ya’ll, that the graft takes, because if it doesn’t, we will have to pursue other, less satisfactory options, like a bridge.

*ice-fingers — half fill a snack size plastic baggie with water and squeeze out the air.  Put it in the freezer and let it freeze.  wrap it in a wash cloth (to protect your skin) and apply to the affected area.  When the ice all melts, put it back in the freezer and refreeze it.
**TV knitting — the pattern is so simple you don’t really have to pay too much attention to what you’re doing.

Got Me Where I Live

Well, with eating out on the agenda for Sunday, what happens Friday afternoon but, while I’m eating a very soft gummy vitamin, of all things, I pull the crown off the middle one of my left lower molars.  The last time this happened, just before I moved to the apartment, the dentist gave me the option of having the tooth pulled or he could try putting the crown back on.  I opted for the free solution.  He squirted some goo underneath the crown, squooshed it back on, we let the goo set and I was good to go.   He couldn’t venture to guess how long it would hold.  Three years is not bad for something he expected not to last three weeks.  Happened on a Saturday, last time.

Of course, my dentist’s office closes for the weekend on Friday at noon. This happened at about 3 o’clock. I left a message, called my dinner date and we rescheduled.

Having the tooth, a root canal, pulled would be a bummer unless I can get a dental implant, but one of those babies will run you a couple grand ($1000 to $5000 depending on what’s involved).

It may be that I’ll luck out and he can squirt goo underneath it and put the crown back on.  If he can, I’m game.

I heard a rumble of thunder while ago.  I’ll bet we didn’t get much if any rain out of it.

A Troubling Dream

A short dream.  A dark dream.  About three of my angel kitties, my little grey girl, the grey striped boy, and poor old Pu, the white one.  I was in some sort of dark store room and my sweet grey striped boy was there, stropping himself against my legs.  There was a big old claw-foot bath tub in the storeroom, and lots of flattened cardboard boxes in it and around it.  My grey girl was in the tub and I lifted her out, and then I saw poor Pu, ragged and matted and bloody, and awful looking as he never was in life, but as alive in that dream as the other two although clearly hurting, and the sight of him was so heart piercing, so awful that I started awake and had to turn on the light.

Pu was my wing man, my shadow, my fierce white boy.   My little grey girl was dying when I let her go.  Her kidneys were failing and setting her free was a kindness, but Pu was only old, and not as old as that, really, and I could have kept him maybe years longer.  Seeing him as he had been in my dream was disturbing enough, but all the more disturbing for the guilt of that knowledge.  Of the three of them, my little grey girl with her failing kidneys, my poor grey stripey boy ravaged by diabetes, and him, he’s the one who’s death still haunts me.

It’s been two days now, and that dream image will not go away, and that’s the frightening bit. It had a terrible power, that dream, and I have a history of dreams that disturb and linger and resonate like that one has, that are my body’s way of telling me things about itself that I need to know.  I’ve sought out doctors because of such dreams, watched them shake their heads in that dismissive way men do when a woman says, I had this dream I can’t get out of my head, and I think it is a warning.  I cajole them into humoring me and taking the x-ray or doing the test, only to see that strange look on their faces when the test tells them it was a good thing I paid attention to that dream, that because of that dream, bad things were caught early and nipped in the bud.

And I know things I haven’t spoken of here that make this latest dream truly frightening.  I know exactly what it’s telling me.  The doctor’s appointment was made weeks ago, but it’s for Thursday, and it’s with a real doctor, not one at the VA.  If I hadn’t already made the appointment, I’d be making it now.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

First, the good:  The Iris is blooming.  I shot the picture on the right over the fence right behind it and, yes, it is an escapee from my neighbor’s bed — and welcome.

(Oxalis dillenii), wood sorrel

Another good is this: It’s called wood sorrel (Oxalis dillenii*) and it’s all over my lawn and blooming. Very pretty dainty little yellow flowers. The examples of this I found on line show a taller plant — probably because it’s not getting mowed every month.  Also, the leaves are folded down.  Ordinarily they look a lot like clover.  I suspect that, as its name implies, it grows in woods and doesn’t get as much sun as it does out in the middle of my yard, and the folding of the leaves may be a response to that.  It may also mean it could use some water.

Also to the good, I am acquiring a third rose bush and maybe a fourth.  The third one is a single cane which is a good three feet high now. No blooms, but plenty of leaves.  Go figure.

The bad is that my friend from knitting group, LB, who has gone two rounds with breast cancer already including a double mastectomy, has had cancer cells turn up in her bones.  She had lesions on two ribs, where a biopsy was taken on 12 April, and yesterday she had a chemotherapy port placed.  She had her first round of chemotherapy today.  (She’s also supposed to have cataract surgery on 26 April and that’s still on schedule.)  Unfortunately, her doctor has mentioned the dreaded words “quality of life” which are truly frightening.  We both share a love of reading as well as knitting, and I’ve turned her on to both the Foreigner series and the Sebastian St. Cyr books.  Not to put too fine a point on that bad, her husband turned up with follicular lymphoma and has undergone radiation treatment for that.

And now for the ugly.  Saturday night when I went in to go to bed, I found little insect wings all over my nightstand — no actual insects, just about a hundred wings.  I did find one dead bug with wings still attached, and yes, the internet confirmed, it was a termite.  Then Monday when I went to take the garbage out, I found this:

It’s on the door jam of the sliding glass door.  I phoned the landlady and told her what I’d discovered.  She received the news with remarkable sangfoid, and told me who to call.  The guy came out later in the day and confirmed the obvious.  They are now in discussion as to just what is going to happen next.  Tis the season for their swarms and since it was rainy last week, there may be a backlog of people needing “intervention” before they can get to me.   At left is either how they got in, or how they were already in and got out.

In a way, I hope that they were already in the wall by the door and that the edge of the door is all eaten up and they have to replace that sliding glass door, which I hate.   Took me a little bit to get over sleeping in a room with an outside door which not only doesn’t lock, it doesn’t even latch.  I’ve got a piece of PVC pipe cut to length and put in the door track to prevent it from opening, and I did put a padlock on my back gate for all the good that does.  Knowing the pipe is there helps.  Kinda.   Now I have termites.  Ugh.

Well, here’s something nice to take my mind off it.

Brief Ascension to Periscope Depth

Been running deep for a while, busy doing things that were just routine and not really noteworthy.  Both Convergence, the newest in the Foreigner series by C. J. Cherryh and Where the Dead Lie, the newest in the Sebastian St. Cyr series by C. S. Harris hit my doorstep Tuesday.  I’ve already read Convergence and and I’m a good three chapters into Where the Dead Lie.  I’m up to 42 books this year so far.  Averaging 14 books a month.  If I could manage the knack of reading and knitting at the same time, I’d be in hog heaven, she said, thoroughly mangling the metaphor.  (Yeah, I know, audiobooks, but I’ve been a medical transcriptionist too long, and my audio retention is too short-term for audiobooks.  That in-my-ear-out-my-fingers pathway is just too hardwired.)

We’ve had a little cold snap — kind of like when you were a kid at the municipal  swimming pool and somebody fwapped you with a wet towel.  I’ve actually had to put the heating pad in the bed to warm up my feet.  Twice.  The temperature keeps yo-yoing up and down. Highs are like 74F (23 C) today, 90 F (32.2 C) Saturday, back down to 69 F (20.5 C) midweek.  It’s getting so I’m having to keep two sets of clothes going.  I may get out and work in the yard some Saturday if I can get my days and nights sorted back around.

I got a new summer bedspread, a 100% cotton one.  A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.  Its longer, which was my quarrel with the one I had.  Tuck it in at the foot and it was too short at the head.  My bed is tall — the top of the mattress is over 3 feet off the floor — so I usually get king size things even though my bed is queen size so the sides will hang down far enough that I don’t need a dust ruffle, which is the pits to try to put on by yourself.  The new bedspread is a queen size, but it’s easily long enough and lighter than the one I had, which got hot in the summer as I don’t turn my AC down past 78 F (25.5 C).

Naturally, right after I put the new bedspread on, we had a cold snap and I had to put a blanket over it.  I am counting my blessings, however.  Other parts of the country have gotten large amounts of snow.  Bear who lives in Massachusetts posted a picture on her Tumblr account of the foot of snow they got on April 1.  The weather played a very un-ha-ha April Fool joke on a lot of people in the NE, including those at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory in central Maine, not all of whom are pelted for that kind of weather.

I’ve been trying Twining’s Chai with almond milk and vanilla coffee creamer and it’s lovely.  It also refrigerates nicely.  Right now I’m in fleece, but I have a cotton shirt and pants handy.  I’ve also got a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge just in case.

There is gobs of tree pollen in the air right now “Very High” according to the pollen index on The Weather Channel.  In addition to stuffing up my sinuses and making me sneeze, it makes my eyes run and gives me goo eye.  Not the happiest of campers just now.

In the knitting news, I’ve been doing some chemo hats in cotton yarn for summertime.  I’m doing some “kitten” hats, which are PussyHats in other colors besides pink, in cotton yarn, too, because they’re fun.  The way I figure it, people undergoing chemotherapy need all the fun they can get.

The blue and white hat was made using a modified chemo Coriolis Hat pattern which eliminated the knit rows, which I’m calling “Spiral Staircase Hat” — the difference being that the spiral is tighter.  I’ve got a bunch of cotton yarn in fun colors that I want to make up into chemo hats for summer.

I did a set of “Wedding Yarmulkes” to send to Florida with my friend just in case, or to share with others who might want to use them.  You’ll notice I twisted the cables in two different directions.  Getting the cable to twist the other way is a simple matter of substituting C6B for C6F where ever it appears in the pattern.  I like the way they turned out.  I might try one in cotton yarn.

I’ve got some yarn to do some knitted knockers but you have to have small diameter double pointed needles for those.  ChiaoGoo makes a set of sock needles which is what I’ll need for them.  That goes into the next budgetary cycle.  I also want to try knitting some socks, and in order to knit socks, you need sock needles.