The End of This Era

I’ve used up all my free picture space and I don’t intend to pay to get more, so I’ve started a new blog.

The New Blog continues to be called “The Owl Underground.” I tried to give it the same URL as the old blog so people wouldn’t have to resubscribe, but apparently that doesn’t work.  You may need to refollow or reselect the RSS feed or however you follow me, in order to get new posts from the new blog.

This is now the second archive for The Owl Underground.  It includes all posts from 01/01/2012 to 07/31/2017.

Archive I covers all the posts from the beginning of the blog on Blogger to its migration to WordPress, i.e., all posts before 01/01/2012 back to the foundation of The Owl Underground blog on 12/23/2005.

One thought on “The End of This Era

  1. OK-doke. Now, how do we find you in the future? Is there going to be a new blog title, etc? Perhaps that’s on the way, and I’m just over-anxious. 🙂

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