Riverine Dreams

Mag Challenge 288
dream-2011 Jacek YerkaRiverine Dreams

I floated last night
Through a riverine dream
On a wide, amazonian
Somnambulent stream
In my barge of a bed
Like an African Queen
Carried down by the current
That slid slowly between
Faraway riverbanks
Of rustling green.
‘Neath a Cheshire cat smile of a moon

Deep in the delta
Between midnight and morning
I slid
Eddying elegantly
Through a
Shadowy, flickering
Floating World
Art exhibition of
Watercolor sculptures
Recumbent and strange
Of opaline oranges
Coleoptera greens
Butterfly reds
And aquamarines
Bowed along silently
By kimonoed curators
Through shadowy halls
With rice paper walls

The cat, of course,
Slept through it all.

8 thoughts on “Riverine Dreams

  1. What fun! For some reason, it puts me in mind of The Owl and the Pussycat — which it should, I suppose, since… well, you get it.

    I love the clocks hung on the tree, and the African Queen reference. And of course the cat slept through it all. The cats alays do.

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