Today Got Off To A Roaring Start . . .

. . . Not!  Was actually awakened by the alarm instead of the sun, which was a refreshing change.  Had a brief meeting of the head committee and the motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously in favor of going back to bed.  I slept until after 1 pm, and it was glorious.  I had just gotten up when my mom called and said, instead of bringing boxes by today, bring them by tomorrow and daddysit while she’s at church.  Dad’s grasp on reality, which is difficult to measure at the best of times because he’s so hard of hearing, is getting obviously spotty again and she is hesitant to leave him alone, even for that length of time.  She made the remark, “Didn’t get much sleep last night, as I went to bed at 12:00 (read until then) and then I got up once to go to the bathroom and your Father got up at 3:00 and img0275:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom – which is unusual.  This being ‘beauty saloon’ day, the alarm then went off at 6:15 a.m.  It would be good to take a nap in the chair, but I’m always concerned about his getting up unaided to go to the bathroom.”  I’m going to offer to come over some time and sit with him while she naps. We may need to discuss nursing home placement again.  I would add that she goes to the beauty salon every Friday morning to have her hair washed, set, dried, combed out, and solidified with hairspray, (which ‘do’ lasts her all week — !) and it’s important for her to continue to do that.  She has always been very fastidious about her personal appearance, wears makeup every day, etc., and is otherwise a typical woman of the 40’s and 50’s (when women still wore hats, carried gloves, etc.).  Her appearance is a good barometer regarding her well being.  When this stops becoming a matter of importance to her is when I start to worry about her.

It’s almost 3 pm now and I’m having my first meal of the day, what I guess you could call “breakfunch” — a piece of tandoori naan spread with chopped chicken and chopped black olives mixed with mayonnaise and, on the side, some sliced apples and raw baby carrots dipped in Ranch dressing.  Quite tasty, actually.

My mind is aswirl with things that have to happen before other things can happen.  I need to switch the way the door opens on the little cabinet before I hang it in the full bathroom (It opens to the left; it needs to open to the right — a 9-2005 rlr relocated dresser with new shelfsimple matter of switching the hinges).  I need to photograph and throw out the filing cabinet before I can move that table back and relocate my printer closer to my computer. I may take the other table over to my mom’s rather than try to sell it on craigslist.  While I’m at it, I need to photograph all the dings and scratches on my furniture courtesy of the movers. Found some more nice long ones today all across the top of the little chest of drawers my late sister-in-law refinished and I bought from them when they lived in Wheeling and I lived in Hurricane, West (By God!) Virginia, in the 1970s.  Needless to say, I’m not happy about it.  To the right is how I had it once at the old place.  Right now I’ve got my printer on it, as that’s the only flat surface available currently.

It’s going to be a hot week, next week.  Today’s predicted high is 90F/32C (which it is at the moment).  Sunday’s predicted high is 94F/34C,  Monday’s is 98F/36.6C, and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s highs 100F/37.7C.  I’m thinking of hanging my little wind chime in front of the vent so it will chime whenever the AC comes on.  That will help me track just how hard the AC is having to work to keep it 74F/23C in my apartment.  If’ it’s coming on a lot, I’ll raise the thermometer up to 78F/25.5C.  If that doesn’t do it, I’ll jack it up to 80F/26.6C.

I’ve been listening a lot to the Illinois Street Lounge channel of SomaFM on my little Squeezebox internet radio, which I’ve put in the dining area.  It plays the kind of music that used to be on the “easy listening” radio channels back in the late 1950’s.   A lot of it is cha-cha-cha’s because that was the big thing then. Because both my parents worked, when we were in primary school, the lady across the street used to keep my brother and I until my mom got home, starting when we were aged 3 and 6 respectively.  During the summers, we would have to lie down for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours after lunch (as much for her sake as ours, she had three children of her own) and she would put the radio on.  One piece they play that brings back memories is “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” which I remember listening to as a small child of 4-5, and is associated in my memory with me swinging in the back yard of the lady who kept us when my brother was just a toddler — until we moved to the house my parents built, which would have been the year I turned 6.   She had a fruit tree that bloomed white (apple?). That house and the house next door where we lived for a while, are both gone, bulldozed to make way for a shopping center.  And they’ve changed the name of the street, too.  However, I like Glenna Goodacre and don’t at all mind that the street where I first lived when I came to this town at the ripe old age of 16 months was renamed for her.

I’ve got so much blog reading to catch up on.  I will do it.  I have a good excuse, though, for falling behind . . .


The Toolbelt Diva Strikes Again

Today, I called “The Garage Sale Man” who picks up whatever’s left from your garage sale and hauls it out of your life free of charge.  He and his Mrs. picked up the last of the garage sale stuff from the duplex.  I thought about hauling it over to mom’s for our joint garage sale later in the summer, but then I thought, no, and called “The Garage Sale Man.” They live out east of town past the loop and I had time to go by the bank, get the money order for June’s rent, pick up a giant Coke at Whataburger, and then meet them at the duplex. There’s still some trash left in one bedroom but to heck with it.  I’m done with that place.

IMG_1392I had to get a “squashier” dryer hose because the one that came with it was too rigid, and wouldn’t allow the dryer to be pushed back far enough for the door to close.  I got one last week and finally, yesterday afternoon, the maintenance guy came by to put it on.  About time.  I was desperate to do a load of wash — I was running out of key items of clean clothing — and I was just about to do it myself.  He also replaced the doorknob on my front door, which was a little tricky to get to engage the turning mechanism.   The weatherstripping will have to wait until he gets more screws.  (You can see daylight around the lower half of one side of the door and I have no desire, nor budget, to heat or cool the world as the case may be.)  Anyway, dryer connected, I started a load of wash — I wash everything in cold water — only hot water was coming out!  One of the IMG_1393movers hooked up the washer, and obviously, he got the hoses reversed.  Muttering imprecations under her breath, the resident toolbelt diva (speaking) got her adjustable wrench out of her tool box and sorted them out again.  If it’s not one thing, it’s something else.  Anyway, the second load is in the dryer.  The washer and dryer “alcove” is right inside the front door, and has a set of bifold doors to hide it when not in use.

IMG_1372I’m taking empty boxes over to my mom’s tomorrow (they have lids and 10 reams of copier paper comes in them–see left — they’re too good to throw away).  On the way, the keys to the duplex are going in the mail.  I’ve still got four “copy paper” boxes in my trunk that I’ve yet to bring in, but being rid of all those empty boxes is a giant step in the right direction.

This weekend, I need to fix the pegboard for my computer area — I have two pieces of 1/2 x 1-1/2 lumber that I’ll need to cut in half and screw a piece to each end of the pegboard.  That way, when the pegboard is up against the wall, there will be a space behind it for the pegs to fit in without marring the wall.  I also need to photograph and then throw out the remains of my file cabinet that the movers destroyed, and move that end table in for my little file box to go on the lower shelf and my printer on the top.  I also need to finish hanging pictures.

I had got some little screws and washers to screw down the cardboard over the bedroom window, as well as some Gorilla tape to seal the edges.  I thought I’d see if the tape was sufficient to hold the cardboard.  Unfortunately, it isn’t.  There are still light leaks. Even with the leaks, though, there’s a world of difference.  You’d be amazed how much light the little green “charging” indicator on my phone handset puts out.  You better believe I put a piece of tape over that sucker.

I had to get a battery operated clock for the little half bath off my bedroom — I have a nice little plug in clock I was going to use, but when you turn the ceiling light out, it turns the plug off!  So much for that! — I guess it’s a safety factor so you don’t go off and leave a curling iron plugged in and start a fire or something.  Oddly enough, the plug in the full bath stays on when you turn the ceiling light out.  Go figure!

Ah, there’s the dryer buzzer.  I need to go fold this load of clothes and then hit the hay.


IMG_1338I finally have all the “keeper” stuff out of the duplex.  Brought my last load over Monday night.  All that’s left is some trash and some garage sale stuff.  All that’s left is to mail the keys to that ninnyhammer in Ballinger and I’ll be shut of the place.  Of course, it rained last week while I was trying to cart my stuff from the old place to the new — like nearly 6 inches of rain over the course of several days!  I moved just in time.  The roof in my side of the duplex has started to leak — in the closet by the front door.  It would have leaked IMG_1356on my nice leather coats and probably ruined them — only I don’t live there any more!  I can’t see into the other side of the duplex so I don’t know if the roof is leaking in there, too.  But all the playa lakes in the city parks are almost full now, and the grass and trees are all so nice and green.  It threatened to rain for almost four days before it finally did start raining, and the humidity really did me in, in more ways than one.  I’m so glad I’ve finally finished getting my stuff over here — five bins at a time!  I bought these six plastic storage bins — I’d pack them up, bring them over in the car, and unpack them, usually making three trips a day — which is why it took me so long.  But the bins were large enough to pack a substantial amount of stuff per load, but small enough that I couldn’t put so much in that I couldn’t lift one.  And my little red wagon was worth its weight in gold.  Because of ease of accessibility regulations, there have to be ramps through the curb so that people in wheelchairs can get from their cars into the buildings — and where wheelchairs can go, so can little red wagons!

IMG_1366I am not at all happy with the movers.  They destroyed my little hanging file cabinet (right), knocked a leg off my dresser, and racked my armoire to the point that the doors were hard to get open. You will notice on the picture below that the door handles are not at the same level. I’ve also got assorted dings and scratches here and there, and they broke one of the glass panels in my china cabinet.

The kitties came over the evening of the 19th and they’re settling in well, except poor Stormie started sneezing the day before the move, and now has a full-blown cold.  I took her to the vet this morning and I’m happy to say she has no fever and, although her head is slushy, her lungs are clear.  She’s miserable, poor baby, but she’s eating and drinking, and the only real concern at the moment is the potential for an opportunistic bacterial infection.

IMG_1376Here’s a little virtual tour of the new place, starting with the living roomIMG_1331 — with a detail of the drapes.  I’ve used napkin rings to “cinch” them, and I like the effect.  The area of windowsill behind the couch is one of the more popular channels of CAT-TV because it faces the U-shaped “yard” of the complex where the children like to play, and where people walk their pets, so there’s always something to watch.  IMG_1333Here’s a closeup of the rug in the living room taken before the move.  Its elaborate patterning make a nice contrast with the plain and simple leather furniture.  Money well spent, I say.  I ended up selling my gold recliner.  There just wasn’t room for it.  There’s not room for two of the four end tables either, although I’m just getting rid of one.  The other one will take the place of the poor destroyed filing cabinet so I have someplace to put my printer.  I’ve gotten a plastic bin which is made to IMG_1378store files in hanging file folders, and it holds my files neatly.  I’ve still got three bins to unpack, as well as pictures to hang and objets d’art to sort out.  I’ve got a cabinet to hang in the bathroom, IMG_1332and a paper towel holder to put up in the kitchen.  My pots and pans are going to have to go in the bottom of the china cabinet as there’s no room for them in the kitchen.  Ditto about half my glasses.  My dining room furniture is a tight fit.  Here’s a shot of the dining room rug before the furniture was moved in.  I’ve hung the ironing board holder since the far left-hand picture was taken, and my iron and IMG_1379ironing board are safely stowed.  All my clothes are closeted and my shoe rack is hung.  I’m going to list the boots on craigslist as soon as I get around to it. The kitchen is the closest to being sorted of all the rooms.  I just have the paper towel rack to hang and it will be finished.  I sold a bunch of stuff to two guys who run an “antiques and collectables” shop, and used the money to get a new microwave.  The “antique” Amana “Radarange”microwave I inherited, I gave to the neighbors.  The new one (left) is smaller, IMG_1381and white, which matches the rest of my appliances.  The blinds in the kitchen window fell down when I was trying to adjust the height, so I put them in a closet.  I think I’m going to try putting them back up.  The kitchen window faces almost due east and the rising sun is pretty much blinding in that window until about 10 o’clock.

Would you believe I still haven’t put the cardboard over the bedroom window yet?  IMG_1389That’s because the box the cardboard is coming from still has stuff in it.  I still have my gold sheets and white spread IMG_1372on from the old place, which I put right back on the bed once I moved.  I did this intentionally as I wanted some things with familiar smells so that the kitties would have something familiar and not feel all in an alien world.  The piles of boxes in my office (right) are empty boxes — they are those boxes with nice lids  which contain 10 reams of copy paper.  They are too nice to throw away.  They’re going over to my mom’s garage eventually.

Slowly, but surely, everything is getting sorted out.  I’ll hang some pictures tomorrow and probably list that one end table on craigslist, maybe list the boots too.  Friday, I’ve got to take the white kitty and the black kitty for their shots.  The grey one will get a reprieve until she’s over her cold.  Hopefully, tomorrow they’ll hook my dryer up and I can wash a load of clothes. I’ve got a lot of blog and webcomics reading to catch up with.

Drapes up, Area Rugs Down, Cat Flap In, Shelves Lined

And the refrigerator door now opens the right way.  In short, all the things I should have done yesterday finally got done today. The place is looking more and more like home.  The bedroom’s going to be tight.  I may have to adjust the drapes L-R depending on how far over to one side I have to put the bed. I have those drapes hung the width of the headboard (76 inches) rather than the width of the window (35 inches) since the window is technically not going to be there.  None of the windows was centered in the wall.  Every window in the place was off center by at least an inch or two.  Go figure.   DIY trick — when that happens, centering the drapes will give the illusion that the window is centered.

The water guy is coming Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm to switch the reverse osmosis (Oz) water filtration unit from the duplex to the apartment.  I bought a new faucet for the sink that has a sprayer attachment with it.  It has a high arch spigot on it.  I hope I can get it installed before the water guy moves the unit over.  Once that unit is under the sink, it’ll take an Act of Congress to get to the sink faucet.  When I move out, I’ll have the sprayer installed to cover the hole in the sink where the Oz water spigot will go.

After thinking I had a ganglion cyst on my index finger, and it turning out to be a calcification, I think I really do have a ganglion cyst  on the palm side of my wrist, right under the base of my thumb.  It definitely feels fluid filled and, unlike the calcification, is tender.  I have requested an appointment with Dermatology at the VA any time after the 22nd to see what they make of it.  I have an x-ray of both hands already on file (the image is stored digitally on the VA’s computerized medical record system). It was taken last year, and the index finger calcification has happened since that x-ray was taken.  Both the calcification on my fingerand the lump on my wrist are in areas that I have noted to be itchy/tingly off and on since I hurt my shoulder in January, and are both areas innervated by the (median) nerve that’s pinched in my left shoulder and the left side of my neck.  I cancelled the appointment with the VA neurosurgeon in Dallas — I would have had to pay my airfare and bus fare from the airport in to the VA hospital there.  There’s just no way I can swing it.  Now that I’m on Medicare (as of this month), I’m going to call around and see if I can find a neurosurgeon here locally who takes Medicare.  My shoulder’s not bothering me all that much — actually my left elbow is more sore than my shoulder.

This duplex is entirely carpeted except for the kitchen.  In the new apartment, only the bedrooms are carpeted.  My feet and legs are tired and achy from standing on the laminate flooring — it’s laid over a concrete slab foundation, so there’s no give whatever in the floor.  I’m not used to it.  I need to wash the throw rugs I’m taking — one for in front of the door, one for the kitchen, and runners for on either side of my bed.  I also need to wash my bath mats and toilet cover — the gold ones I’m putting in my en suite.  I let them air dry, as they’re all rubber backed.

HPIM1467Tomorrow I’ll start moving clothes, dishes and food, and bathroom stuff over. That last load tomorrow needs to be my computer.  I also need to get another bath mat, and two more rolls of shelf paper. I’m going to have to put some shelf paper in the upper shelves in my pantry for dishes that I’m moving but that I don’t use all that often.  The first load will be “light” as  I’m going to have to take my little red wagon over in that load.  The little escritoire next to it will fit very nicely right beside the front door, which is great as I keep my car keys in the dish on top, and put my purse inside behind the drop down writing surface.

I think I’ve had all the fun I can have for one day.  I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.  I’m dead on my feet.


I Have a Key and a Kitchen With No Drawers!

There are only two drawers in the kitchen.  Who has a kitchen without drawers?  I’m going to have to keep my silverware in the sideboard and dish towels in the pantry.  The refrigerator is brand new.  Still had the instruction booklet inside, the shelves in cardboard holders and the crisper drawers taped shut.  I’m going to have to change the side the hinges are on because it really needs to open the other way. As you face the refrigerator, the door opens out toward the right, and clongs into the stove.  It needs to open toward the left.   I had to change this refrigerator’s door hinges, and it’s not difficult. I already have all the tools you need.

The bedroom window opening is only 35 X 55 inches.  I already have a piece of Styrofoam insulation that I can cut down to fit the window opening and I can cover it with a piece of corrugated cardboard.  When I hang the drapes, I’ll hang them the width of the bed headboard instead of the width of the window.

There are two closets in the little hallway, one of which has sliding doors and will be perfect for the kitties’ litter box.  It’s 23 inches deep, and the plywood box the Littermaid sits on is 22 inches deep.  (Whew!)   I can keep one door slid back to allow the kitties access without blocking the hallway.  The other closet has a regular door.  That means I can keep my office door closed when not in use, but I can also block the door with a folding screen, too, to maintain air circulation.  Since the new apartment is smaller than this duplex, it’ll cost less to heat and cool so I may be able to keep the thermostat on 75F/28.3C without breaking the bank.   I’m so used to the duplex being so big that the new place seems really small.  When I came back for my first load today, I did some panic measuring — The dining area is just barely wide enough for the china cabinet and two chairs (the table will seat six with a leaf in).  Fortunately, it’s a pretty narrow table.

Would you believe there is only one phone jack in the whole apartment?  It’s on the wall between the kitchen and living room.  I can’t put the cordless phone base unit there because there’s only a jack for the phone cord, and  no place to plug the power cord.  However, a quick call to Suddenlink reveals they have a phone modem that can be connected to the coaxial cable which provides the internet and TV service so that you don’t need a phone jack.  I’ll connect the cordless phone base unit that way, put it in the living room and put a handset in the bedroom and one in the office. (My phone only has three cordless handsets.)  I’ll plug my phone  that’s currently in the bedroom into the wall jack since it doesn’t need to be plugged in.

I need to take down that last set of curtains and rods, and run the curtains through the wash, then I can go over and hang my drapes and sort the bedroom window.  While the curtains are in the washer, I’ll head to Walmart to get shelf paper and a tension rod for the kitchen curtains, as well as a small gold bathmat.  While I’m there, I’ll put gas in the Crayola.  I’m down to a quarter of a tank.

The First Casualty?

Can’t find my Sansa Fuse+ MP3 player.  (I got it for more than half that price, BTW.) When I cleared the bookcase, cabinet, filing cabinet, and armoire to sell, everything in/on them went in a pile on the other side of the room.  I was going to put it somewhere so I could find it again.  I’ve almost got it all boxed up now, and obviously I didn’t.  Don’t mind it all that much as I have gotten a new, smaller size MP3 player, but I was going to reuse the old 32 GB data card in the new one to save me having to download the world again.  I may find it when I unpack everything.  I still have a long, long way to go to be ready for the movers.  Still no nibbles on the Vista computer or the lamp. I’ve been lolligagging, alas.  Am listening to my Squeezebox internet radio (didn’t pay nearly that much for it, either, BTW), tuned to SomaFM‘s  “Secret Agent” channel, which is not only upbeat, but hilarious (1960’s and 1970’s action movie music and sound bites from the Bond films).

In view of the above, I’m corralling all my small electronics (new MP3 player, camera, Squeezebox internet radio, and cordless phones) on my computer desk, as I will put all that in my car as the last “by car” load Sunday evening.  That will completely clear my office so I can move the kitties’ stuff into it early on Monday morning.  The kitties will be closed up safely in my office while the movers are loading up (and there they’ll stay until I come back to get them).  I won’t have internet at the new place until Monday afternoon.  Once the movers have unloaded at the new place, I’ll have between then and 2 p.m. to set my computer, TV and phone up ready for the Suddenlink guy to come set up my services.

Hope I’m going to have enough boxes for the things I need to box up for the movers.  Like books.  Less than a day til I get the keys to the new place.  I will have to stop off at the bank on my way over to get the money order for May’s rent and my pet deposit. I’ll bring my ladder, cordless drill, jigsaw, tape measure, wagon, drapes, rugs, and that stuff when I go to get the keys. At some point before Monday, I’ll need to install the cat flap in my bedroom door at the new place, measure the windows and get the MDF board and peg boards. Today I need to get my suitcase and collect prescription meds, toiletries and the clothes in it that I’ll need to live between Friday and Monday evening so I can keep all that corralled, too. The rest of the bathroom will get moved by car, as will the kitchen (dishes, groceries, refrigerator contents), pictures, tchotchkies, and clothes.  At some point between now and Sunday morning, I’ll need to wash bathmats and throw rugs, and do one last “nekkid” load of wash Sunday night of everything but bed linens (I’ll wash them later).  (A “nekkid” load is when I not only empty the clothes hamper, but I strip down to my birthday suit, and throw everything in the washer) (Yeah, I know.  Way too much information.)

After the movers have gone and the internet gets up in the new place, I’ll drop my ATT equipment off at the UPS store on the way to get the kitties (the UPS store stays open until 7 PM). Then I’ll need to get them settled, and spend the evening sorting out the email and password change over.  I’ll make up my bed, set up my alarm clock and spend my first night in the new place.  Tuesday morning,  I’ll need to make sure I’ve got things sorted so I can go off and leave the kitties for a while (while I get taken out to lunch).  I’ll probably do one last sweep and perfunctory cleaning out at the old place Tuesday afternoon, put the keys in an envelope mail them off to that yahoo in Ballenger and be shut of the whole mess.  Then I can put the world back together at my leisure.

Power shifting into panic mode now.

Books Read in 2014

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1. *Life in a Tudor Palace, Gidlow, Christopher


No Nibbles Yet

IMG_1320IMG_1319Put up adverts for the Vista computer on craigslist, but so far, nary a nibble.   If the Vista machine sells, that will more than  pay for the new monitor.  Also listed the lamp (right)I want to sell.  Picked the monitor up this evening on the way to see my BFF, who had decided she wasn’t in the mood for setting up the computer tonight.  Tomorrow or Wednesday, she’s buying my little reading table which won’t extend high enough to work with the gold chair.  Other “hold my Kindle”  arrangements will be made.  This (left) is the table that’s going by the gold chair.   I bought it from the mother of a friend in 1980.  It has beautiful spool-turned legs, but it’s taller than what people are used to these days for side tables.  I have this barf-proof tablecloth for it to protect the finish, and the big brass lamp with it’s new shade will go atop it, as will my Logitech internet radio.  I shall have a nice little reading nook in one corner of the office.  The gold curtains from my dining room are going in the office, as well as the book cases and the little dresser that I got from my brother and his late first wife in 1979.

IMG_1324I hooked up the new monitor, which is wider and slightly taller than the emachine wide-screen monitor.  Money well spent as it gives me plenty of width but leaves me enough room to see all the little clock widget.  I’ve got them set up backwards — the new monitor should be on the left since it’s the #1 monitor and the desktop extends over to the right onto the number #2 monitor.  It’s kind of confusing at the moment since I have to go off to the right to get onto the monitor that is to the left.  I’m not going to bother sorting them out for now.  I’ll wait until I take the computer over to the new place and set it up with the monitors on the right sides over there.

I’d better quit playing computers and crash out.  I didn’t accomplish much today.  Tomorrow, I have to get every bit of the office sorted out, including both closets and the bathroom.  Without fail.  Then Wednesday, pack up the breakables and the books. Box up all the pictures Thursday and sort through clothes, and start packing the kitchen.

Down to Five Days Now

I started off Sunday (Mother’s Day here in the US) with stealth roses — a bouquet of red ones which I sneaked over and set out on the counter while my mom was away at church.  I was also the bearer of a quartet of blueberry muffins.  My dad was asleep in the chair and didn’t know I was there.  It was a flying visit because the guy was coming by later to get the two tall bookcases.   He bought my black and white dishes and the lead crystal that matches it, as well as a box of assorted china objects and collectibles including my Brambly Hedge pieces.  So, minus more stuff and plus $90.  I know I sold the dishes and lead crystal too cheaply, but they’ve been sitting in my closet for over 30 years not being used. Less stuff to fool with.   I also threw out two large trash cans’ worth of junk — the first of what will be probably quite a few more.

I got my Vista emachine computer cleaned out and ready to sell.  Best Buy had a great deal on an HP wide screen monitor and I decided I needed a new one. The Dell monitor is 8 years old, and square-shaped so I’m going to sell it with the Vista machine, together with the keyboard the computer came with (never used — I hate that style of keyboard), an old optical mouse and a set of speakers. I hope it goes for the price I put on it as that will more than pay for the new monitor.

I need to get my rear in gear and get my office cleaned out tomorrow without fail. Nothing like the panic of realizing I’ve only got three and a half days to get everything done  to motivate you to accomplish what you should have already gotten done. I need to pack up my china cabinet stuff and those things I’m mailing.  I still haven’t packed up my books either.

I’m going over to my BFF’s tonight to help her set up the new laptop she got with her tax refund. The hard drive on her old one crashed big time 8 or 9 months ago, and she’d been using her Kindle to get on the internet.  Then her Kindle started acting up and she went into Netflix withdrawal  . . . She got a good deal on her new laptop.

According to my weather widget, another cold front’s coming through.  The high Tuesday is only predicted to be 64F/17.7C, but temperatures will be climbing upin to the 90sF/30sC on the weekend, and wouldn’t you know — the predicted high for moving day?  100 F/37.7C.

My cousin JP who lives in New Mexico (my mom’s oldest sister’s son — it’s his granddaughter who’s making out like a bandit book-wise) is coming over the 20th and wants to take us to lunch.  That’s the day after I move.  Mom said they’d be by to pick me up.  Rather inconvenient timing.  I’ve got to get the new digs to the point where I can go off and leave the kitties to have the run of the house for a couple of hours.  I’m going to have to put a folding screen around my computer as there’s no way I can close the office door any more as the office closet is where the kitties’ Littermaid is going to be.  That’s the only closet besides the one in my bedroom that has a sliding door — i.e., the kind of door the black one can’t close.

I will probably be fairly scarce on the internet from now at least through the next two weeks, although I will try to post progress reports.