When I move I will have to change ISPs from ATT Uverse to Suddenlink;  I’ll get to keep my same land line phone number, but I’ll have to get all new email addresses, which will be a hassle, but a blessing in disguise, too, what with all the email hacking shenanigans going on. I’My Kindle and internet radios, and Rocu thingie will have to “find” the WiFi signal again, which will be a pain also. However,  Suddenlink will also be about $25 a month cheaper for the same service than ATT Uverse.  The new apartment is all electric, so no more gas bills.  But the rent is $30 a month cheaper, and the bills should be about the same.

*Ooh, look out you, rock and rollers!

IMG_1272These pictures were taken in the unit across the way which has the floor plan flipped.  (Left) Here’s the cute little kitchen.  I actually have a little bit more counter space there than I do here. IMG_1273Here’s the full bath (below).  It will have gold bathmats and towels, and a shower curtain that is white Battenburg lace (molded plastic). IMG_1276(Left) Here’s the half bath that’s en suite with the master bedroom.  I have an extender to put the shower head directly over my head.  and a stainless steel shower caddy.  Can you imagine a bathroom without drawers?  I have a little night stand I’m putting in the half bath for my combs, brushes, and toiletries — !4fac146a90c6d281This is what the outside looks like, although mine doesn’t have a rose bush outside.  There are 4 apartments in each little unit, two upstairs and two downstairs separated by the dark area to the right which is is a breezeway between the units.  Mine is on the ground floor and would be the unit out of the picture to the right, with the doorway under the staircase, which you can just see a corner of.  My unit only has carpet in the bedrooms, with the laminate hardwood floor everywhere else.  It will be sooooo much easier to keep the cat hair off the laminate floors.  I can use a dust mop. I won’t have a problem keeping the area rugs from migrating on the laminate flooring like I do on carpet.   There is no covered parking, alas, but I can park to the east of the building where the building itself will shade me from the western sun.  There’s also some tree shade to be had, too.  Since there is wheelchair accessibility, I’ll be able to use my Radio Flyer wagon to unload the car.

Yo-Yo Weather

Three days in a row of blowing dirt, obviously in aid of a front coming through.  After being up in the high 80sF/20-30sC, we are now back down again with predicted high today and tomorrow of 67F/19C with lows around 40F/4C warming back up to a high of 94F/34C for Sunday.  We apparently got off kind of light, though.  I’ve seen pictures of snow in Wisconsin and heard tales of it in Maine and North Dakota.  At least it will be cooler weather for the garage sale I’m having this weekend.  Just as long as it isn’t windy, and doesn’t rain.  I really need to get some boxes in and pack up the stuff in my office, empty the furniture I’m selling and get pictures taken of it to list it on craigslist.  That includes resetting up my computer to it’s new configuration and listing the Vista desktop machine.  Tomorrow.

I need to box up some books and some “heirloom stuff” that needs to be mailed.

Right now, I’m feeling rather blah! and am seriously considering getting back in bed.  I’ve tapered off some medication that wasn’t working anymore and start something new.  I was supposed to get the prescription filled yesterday, but the VA pharmacy here was out of it. They’re mailing it from Amarillo. Should be here by Friday.  In the meantime, I soldier on.

I’ve really got to get my rear in gear, though — only got 16 days until M-day! I get the keys on Friday the 16th, and the movers come on the 19th,  I’ve got to move my computer, my clothes, my pictures, my kitchen and bathroom stuff between that Friday and Sunday so all that’s left is the kitties, their stuff, what the movers will move and the stuff I still haven’t sold off yet.  I spent this afternoon arranging for the turning off here and turning on there of all my utilities.  Tomorrow, I’ll start getting ready for my garage sale, and maybe do some cleaning.  I do need to do some wash, though, at least one load, probably three — clothes, sheets and towels, and the drapes I’m going to sell in the garage sale this week.  Going to try to sell my red and gold comforter too.  Mom has said that whatever “good” stuff is still left by the time of the move I can box up and put in her garage and later in the summer, we will have a garage sale together at her house, where there is a real garage.

Blowing Dust and Guinness

I love the new Dos Equis Cinco de Mayo commercial — “Don’t rush into ‘cinco,'” the Dos Equis man* says.  Then, glancing at the the lovely women sitting on either side of him, he looks knowingly at the camera and adds, “Start with ‘dos.'”  (cinco is Spanish for 5, dos is Spanish for 2, and Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is the Mexican equivalent of Bastille day.)

Of course, I am not, at the moment, drinking a Dos Equis. I am drinking a bottle of Guinness Draught.  (I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.)

After all my exertions Thursday, I took it easy Friday, watching a bunch of episodes of “Beauty and the Beast” on Netflix.  It is, of course, a reboot of the old series starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.  The longer I watched it, the more disenchanted I became with it.  I don’t much care for the casting of either Catherine or Vincent. I was never really all that into the old series either, although I like Linda Hamilton (especially in her role in The Terminator), and I thought Ron Perlman‘s Vincent was better.  Bailed out of that series and started watching “Eureka” because of Colin Ferguson‘s Maytag commercials. “Eureka” is quirky and funny, and I like Jack Carter as a character, and Colin Ferguson’s portrayal.  I also like the character of Henry Deacon played by actor Joe Morton, Carter’s computerized house, S.A.R.A.H. ( (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat), which I think is hysterical, and Deputy Lupo who is played by Erica Cerra.

For $8.65 a month, a Netflix streaming subscription is very cost effective.  I can stream as many offerings (both TV series as well as films) as I want to, without commercial interruption (which is why I dropped my Hulu subscription).  Of course, some films on Netflix are not available for streaming.  Since I have a Roku device, I can watch Netflix on my TV as well as on my computer and my Kindle.  Also, as part of my Amazon Prime membership, where I get free 2-day shipping on some merchandise,  I can stream TV and film content (40,000 titles) off Amazon Prime Video through the Roku as well. As much as I buy off Amazon, that free shipping thing is worth the price of the membership fee by itself, but with the streaming video thing, even paying $3 or $4 to rent a video is cheap at the price.  You can also buy videos through Amazon Prime.  Additionally, many TV series allow you to stream at least several of the most recent episodes from their website. We are getting closer and closer to what I call buffet TV — The buffet is laid out with what’s available and you pick and choose what you like — unlike cable, where you have to pay for about 60 channels’ worth of junk to get 5 channels that at least 10% of the time show something worth watching.

I had to daddy sit Saturday, and continued watching episodes of “Eureka” after I got home.  I slept in and read most of this afternoon.  We’re in the process of having a good old-fashioned dust storm at the moment, average wind speed 38 mph/61 kph, with gusts to 54 mph/90 kph.  Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express . . . 

I’m being very quiet and still in hopes of avoiding an optical migraine.  This is the sort of weather that usually provokes them (13% humidity and blowing dirt).  They are not painful, only intrusive.  Since scintillating scotomata gradually take over and obscure my field of vision, that means I can’t watch TV or read or work on the computer until they clear.  Thankfully they very rarely last more than 30-45 minutes.

In other news, earlier this afternoon, I made the first pitcher of iced tea of 2014.  I can haz iced tea.  Once I make some ice.   Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing, cuccu.


*The “Dos Equis Man” is the most interesting man in the world.   Among his many other attributes and accomplishments, he once parallel parked a train.  Stay thirsty, my friends.

Shredding Sorted

Well, I put it off as long as I could, but since I was to meet my BFF at her house to proceed in caravan to the shredding place at 1 p.m. Thursday, I stirred my stumps at 7 a.m. Thursday morning and headed to the storage shed.  I pulled out big plastic storage bins of manila envelopes full of records dating all the way back to 1979 and before. Got that sorted into liftable bins and loaded into the Crayola, which I had the foresight to park in the alley by the back gate (with fingers crossed that I didn’t pick up a nail or anything in my tires!). That freed another plastic bin that I brought inside and purged my big filing cabinet into.  Hefted that into the Crayola — three big plastic bins in the back seat (plus my mom’s two grocery sacks full), another plastic bin in the front seat, two of those nice boxes with lids that a case of paper (10 reams) comes in and two more boxes — which I guestimated was a bit more than 60 lbs. (Their rates: Anything up to 60 lbs was a flat fee of $15, and $0.25 per pound after that.) Then I took a shower and headed off to my BFF’s digs.

I had printed out the section of Google maps that showed how you get to the place, which is way out on the east side of town, so I more or less knew the way.  It was a relatively straight shot, as it turned out.  There was a concrete ramp up to the part of the building where the shredder was (they also have a document storage facility), and we were able to drive our cars up into the building one at a time.  The two shredder guys unloaded them for us.  What with the sheer size of waste paper I was toting, I let my BFF go first and get tallied separately.  Her 5 boxes came to 179 lbs.  Then it was my turn.  My load came to 223 lbs.  Needless to say, it cost a bit more than $15. But I was glad to be shut of it.  Delighted, in fact.  Plus I ended up with 6 empty paper boxes with lids and 4 empty plastic bins which will be perfect for moving my kitchen and bathrooms.

Now I need to get my rear in gear and start cleaning bookshelves and packing books, and throwing stuff out that needs throwing out.  I’ll do it in a minute. . .

The Easter Bunny Laid an Egg

Stayed with my dad yesterday while my mom went to church. (The choir sang — but did not sign** — the “Hallelujah Chorus” from G. F. Handel’s oratorio, “The Messiah” and the congregation did not stand My mom was scandalized.)  In the time honored custom. she had put a pot roast on to cook before she left for church so we could have a nice lunch after, it being Easter and all. She had just come back from church and was changing her clothes when the doorbell rang. I went to the door, and it was J, the lady across the street who is such a nice neighbor and friend to my mom and dad. She and her husband had been going somewhere and happened to notice that my car, which was parked in the driveway, had a flat tire. Sure enough. The left front tire was resting-on-the-rim flat. Lovely.

Now, my mom is a member of AARP’s version of roadside assistance because members of AARP get a special discount.  You pay a yearly fee to this service and then if your car breaks down or has a flat, or you’ve locked the keys inside, or you have a dead battery, etc., you can call their toll free number and they will send a guy out to help you.  (For an 89-year-old woman who was in her 70’s before she learned how to put gas in her car, this is a good deal.)  So my mom proceeds to call the toll-free number, tells them she has a flat tire and gives them the license plate number of my car, which is sitting forlornly in the driveway with a noticeable list toward the port bow. We (her phone is turned up loud enough that I can hear it halfway across the room) were informed that a guy had been dispatched and would be there within 45 minutes.  Now, the last time I had a flat fixed was a number of years ago.  At that time, a guy from the tire company came out to my house to air up the tire, and I followed him to the tire store, where they fixed the tire, so when my mom asked me if I had a spare tire or a donut, I didn’t remember.  Since this happened on a Sunday, the tire store wouldn’t be open until this morning.  I had a doctor’s appointment with the dermatologist at 9:30 this morning about my finger.  We briefly discussed how I would get there if I did indeed  have a donut, since I wasn’t about to drive anywhere with it.

In the meantime, since lunch was mostly ready anyway, mom has decanted the pot roast, made gravy, instant mashed potatoes, and we’re chowing down.  I have to digress at this point.  My parents married in 1946.  During the first year of their marriage, they bought a set of stainless steel waterless cookware, which is to say stainless steel pots and pans with Bakelite handles and rims on the pots that are specially designed to form a moisture seal around the edge of the pot lid so whatever liquid the pot contains doesn’t boil away.  They paid $65 for the set, which was a lot of money at the time ($832.32 in 2014 dollars). They had to make installment payments.  She still has the entire set and uses them whenever she cooks things on the stove.  One of them is a large deep pot which she uses to cook pot roasts, among other things.  She sears the meat, salts and peppers it, puts in raw carrots and onions, a cup of water, and puts the pot on the stove burner at low heat, then she gets dressed and leaves at about 9:30 for Sunday School.  Church service usually lets out right about noon, and when she comes home, the roast is done.

Now, my parents’ house faces south and, because of astrophysics, geography, and the house’s floor plan, when a car turns into the driveway between about 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. of a sunny day, sunlight reflects off the car’s windshield/windscreen through the garage door windows, the window of the door into the garage, and into the kitchen.  I’m about three bites from being finished eating and my mom notices the flash of reflected sunlight that announces the arrival of the guy the service has sent to fix the flat tire.  We look in the trunk and it comes to light that I had a spare tire after all.  The tire guy makes sure it has the proper air pressure, switches it out for the flat tire, and we put the flat in the trunk.  He gets his clipboard and asks me to sign it to verify that he came, he saw, he fixed.  Just in time, I remember I’m supposed to be my mom, and sign her name instead of mine.  Off goes the tire guy, I go back inside and finish my lunch, and as we eat, my mom clues me in on where “her” tire store is located.  This particular store is nearby and fixes flats for free.

Fast forward to this morning.  Right after I get up, I nip outside and check to see if the spare tire is still properly inflated, in case it isn’t and I have to get a ride from my mom to my appointment.  It is.  I’m out the door at 8:30 and off to the tire store.  The tire store guy, with his trusty clipboard, takes my info, looks at the flat, and tells me they can’t fix it.  The tire was made in 1991, and they’re not allowed to fix a tire that’s over 10 years old.  So, I have to buy a new tire.  That’ll be $79.90, thank you very much. As luck would have it, in addition to the $50 that I had left from my garage sale proceeds, mom had slipped me a pair of Hamiltons and a Jackson, Sunday for daddy sitting, so I have $90 in cash in my wallet — I fork over $80 and get a whole dime back in change.

They needed a key so they could put the Crayola in the bay to change out the tire, so I gave them the valet key like I always do.  I remembered they needed in the trunk/boot so they could get at the flat tire, so I unlocked it, without raising the lid.  I wasn’t thinking that they would have to put the spare back in its place in the trunk and, of course, after they took the flat tire out, they closed the trunk and couldn’t get it back open.  They did put the spare in a plastic bag before they put it in the back seat. . . .  Since I was in a hurry to get to my appointment, I went haring off.

The dermatologist resident at the VA examined my finger and decided it wasn’t a ganglion cyst after all, but a dermal calcinosis.  To prove his diagnosis, he got a needle and syringe and attempted to aspirate the fluid out, but there wasn’t any, thus ruling out a ganglion cyst.  He associated dermal calcinoses with osteoarthritis.  (But then, so are Bouchard’s nodes).  Since I’m less than three weeks away from my move, and the thing’s not hurting or interfering with the use of my finger, he says we can safely leave it alone.  I think I’m going to opt to have it removed later, after the dust from the move has settled.  If it is removed, it will be biopsied, which will yield a definitive diagnosis.  What puzzles me is that he says these calcinoses are slow growing.  As big as it is, you’d think I would have noticed it before now.  I have had at least one set of hand x-rays through the VA.  I wonder if anything showed up on it.  Oh, well.  As they say, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, and I’ve got a bunch of bigger fish to fry just at the moment.





Books Read in 2014

59. Flowers for the Judge, Allingham, Margery
58. Pearls Before Swine, Allingham, Margery
57. Miss Buncle Married, Stevenson, D. E.
56. Miss Buncle’s Book, Stevenson, D. E.
55. Vampires in the Lemon Grove, (short story anthology),Russell, Karen
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51. The Lord of Castle Black, Book 2 of The Viscount of Adrilankha, Brust, Stephen
50. Peacemaker, Foreigner #15, Cherryh, C. J.
49. The Paths of the Dead, Book 1 of The Viscount of Adrilankha, Brust, Stephen
48. The Manual of Detection, Berry, Jedediah
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46. Village Centenary, Book 1 of Fairacre Affairs, Read, Miss
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2. *Surfside, Lee, Sharon (short story)
1. *Life in a Tudor Palace, Gidlow, Christopher


Oh, Hail!

5-2008 Honey suckle without means of supportA rumble of thunder, a patter of raindrops, and then a fusillade of hail!  Didn’t get much of any of them, although we could have used more rain.  Three packages of things I’ve ordered for the new digs came today (a shower caddy, a nonskid mat for the tub/shower, and a set of wedges for my mattress).   When the first package was delivered, the FedEx person rang the doorbell, and I came and fetched it in. The FedEx person who delivered the other two didn’t bother to ring the bell. I was reading, heard the rain, and something told me I should check to see if anything else had been delivered.  Good thing.  The long, narrow box that had the shower caddy was soaked by the time I got to the door, as the FedEx person had put one end of it right where drainage comes off the roof.

Invariably, the people who deliver packages put them in the corner formed by the wall and the door.  The eave of the roof hangs over the sidewalk to the front door, and I’m sure they put it there with the intention of keeping the package out of the weather.  If all I had to contend with was the front door, it wouldn’t be a problem.  Typical of outside doors, the front door opens inward.  Equally typically, the glass storm door opens outward.  It never occurs to them that a package placed in that corner effectively acts as a wedge and keeps the storm door from opening very widely.  If the package is not very long, I can usually get the storm door open enough to get through it; but if it is too long, I have to go get a ruler, slip it under the storm door and try to poke the package back far enough away from the storm door that I can get out to get it.  On more than one occasion, however, I’ve had to go out the back door, come around the house to the front door and get the package from the outside because I couldn’t get the storm door open far enough even to get a rule underneath it.  Life is fraught with such niggling annoyances.

At the new place, I’ll have to deal with a locked mailbox, and any packages will be delivered to the leasing office, which means I’ll have to go pick them up during “business hours.”  Still, if they’re in the office, they can’t get rained on.


And On We Go

Managed to get in to see my dentist this past Monday afternoon.  Thankfully, I had saved the crown. (Handed it to him in a baggie.)  We talked about it. He could try putting it back on (!) or he could dig out the root and that would be it.  He said if he put it back on, it might hold two days, two weeks, or two years. However, once the root was gone it was gone forever. He put some dentist goop in it and shoved it back on, I bit down on a piece of gauze until the timer dinged.  It is buttressed by the tooth in front of it and the tooth behind it.  I’ve been mollycoddling it.  So far, so good.

I go to the dermatologist at the VA next Monday morning about what is almost certainly a ganglion cyst on my left index finger.  I was astonished they were able to get me in that quickly.  Whether they can, or will, do anything about it remains to be seen.  They can leave it alone, and it might go away spontaneously or it might pop, which is not desirable, but not a big deal. Or they could drain it.  It might recur, but then again, it might not.  If they do decide to drain it (which I would like), it remains to be seen whether they’d do it then or make me come back again.

Since I had to go to the optometrist Wednesday morning, my BFF and I postponed our trip to the shredding place until this coming Monday.  My mom is getting together stuff she needs shredded, and I’ll take it together with my stuff, which I have yet to collect. I need to get into the middle of it, thin my files and gather what needs to be shredded, empty out the big filing cabinet, and move what I’m keeping to the small file cabinet.  I also need to empty out the supply cabinet and the entertainment stand, get them all photographed and put ads in the papers to sell them.  I also need to get ads into the paper on Wednesday next for a garage sale the following Friday and Saturday.  I need to start getting boxes and start packing things up.  I have about 30 days left until I get the keys and can start moving.

After I went to the optometrist, Wednesday morning, I went to Walmart’s vision center where I originally got these glasses.  The prescription on my left lens had changed and I had to get a new lens.  (That’ll be $65, thank you very much.) They’ll call me to let me know when it’s ready and I’ll go have it put in.  Probably sometime next week. These glasses are three years old.  The right eye prescription is still good.  This new prescription will get both eyes corrected back to 20/20 again.  I’m not being bothered by floaters. все хорошо.

When I do the filing cabinets, I’ll also reconfigure my computer setup to take the Vista machine out of the loop.  One minute I think I’m going to sell it, but the next minute, I think I should keep it for a backup in case this computer acts up.  Either way, with the Vista machine out of the loop, that will remove the need for my KVM switch.  With the Vista machine not hooked up any more,  I might be able to get everything plugged into one UPS unit and be able to fit the computer, both monitors, the desk lamp, and the UPS all on my little rolling table. My printer and my little office shredder will fit on top of the small file cabinet. They just need to be plugged in, as the printer is wireless. I have a 4 x 6 piece of 3/4-inch plywood that my table and chair sit on, which permits them to roll freely.  The way that the “office” bedroom is laid out, the sheet of plywood will be pushed into a corner, with the table end facing the door.  As it is configured now, I have to walk in from behind, go in between the big filing cabinet and the side of my chair, then in between the chair and the table to sit down.  Once I move, I’ll have straight access to the chair from the side.  I can just walk in between the chair and table and sit down. It’ll be a much better arrangement.



I Appear to Be Falling Apart at the Seams

IMG_1312 About half an hour ago, I looked down and saw I had a knot or lump right by the knuckle joint of my left index finger.  It was obviously of a fairly rapid onset, because it’s a pretty obvious lump, very noticeable, and I just noticed it a while ago.   My money is on a ganglion cyst. I’ve been moving boxes and dragging furniture around all week, and overuse is one cause of ganglion cysts.

Last time I moved, I had emergency exploratory surgery and appendectomy on 1 September, was in the hospital for 7 days, and moved on 22-23 September.  Fortunately, Texas Department of Transportation IMG_1305(TXDOT) was paying to relocate me because they condemned the building I was living in to be torn down to build a freeway.  With the moving allowance they gave me, I could afford to have the movers do the packing, fortunately, because I was not allowed to do any heavy lifting until 1 October, and was not allowed to drive a car until the week of the move.

Hopefully, this time, I can make it through the move with nothing more serious than a small cyst and a broken tooth. ( Touch wood. . . .) (The cyst may go down on its own, pop spontaneously, or it can be drained as an in-office procedure — that’s assuming I can ever get in to see somebody at the VA before the end of the year!)  If it keeps recurring, the cyst sac may need to be surgically excised.  I just hope I don’t have to have the root of that stupid tooth dug out by an oral surgeon, although if I do, at least I’ve got on hand a full refill of the pain medication I was taking for my neck and shoulder.  I have a followup appointment with the PA in the VA optometry department early Wednesday morning because I’ve had floaters in my right eye, and I’ll have to have my eyes dilated so he can look at my retinas.  I’ve got to daddysit this Saturday.  That’s all I’ve got on the schedule for this week.  I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to get in to see my dentist.  Needless to say, I’m dreading it.