Down in the Eye

There’s the expression “down in the mouth,” which kind of applies to the current situation, except it’s the wrong body part.  What I’m down in, actually, is the right eye.  Saturday evening, all was hunky dory.  Sunday morning, I wake up, and my right eye is definitely unhappy — bloodshot, slightly gooey, and painful to move about in certain directions.  My first thought was, “You’ve got a jolly case of pinkeye in your starboard peeper, ducks,” and stringent hygiene measures were put into force immediately with a view to confining it to the one eye (good luck).  Bright and early on Monday I’d be on the phone to the VA folks to see if I could get an appointment with the eye guy sometime this decade or else go camp out in the specialty clinic waiting area.  Well, of course, when I got up Monday, we’d had a weather event during the night and I wouldn’t have ventured out on the streets unless it was in an M1 Abrams. I called and left a message, and emailed, and succeeded in getting a “squeeze you in” appointment at 1 p.m. Tuesday.  By then, almost all the snow had melted and the streets were clear.

I got in to see the eye guy and it was a good news/bad news situation.  The good news was it wasn’t conjunctivitis.  The sort of bad news was that it was a noncontageous uveitis.  According to the eye guy, one of the causes is getting hit in the eye, which could have been caused by a kitty jumping on me, but I think that would have awakened me.  However, he said about 70% of this kind of uveitis is of unknown cause.  The upshot?  Two bottles of eye drops, one of atropine twice a day to dilate (relax) the iris, and the other a steroid drop every two hours (while awake) to knock down the inflammation.  I go back on Friday for him to check my progress.  Time for another dose of steroid drops now.   More later.

A Blast From The Past

Another serendoogle . . .although I actually was looking for the Wikipedia post on the album to link to a comment.  I have it on both vinyl and CD.  This one and Surrealistic Pillow are the only two of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship albums I bothered to get on CD, because they’re the only two I ever really liked.

Although I did like a couple of cuts on Crown of Creation (Triad, a David Crosby song, The House at Pooneil Corners, and Lather), after that, I moved on to other things, like Crosby, Stills and Nash, Yes, The Who, Pink Floyd (Grantchester Meadows is one of my all time favorites), et al.

Not the sort of song you’d expect from Pink Floyd, is it?



The North Wind Hath Blown

…And we have had snown…er… snow.  According to the weather bureau folks:



Sez the weather widget:

I know you in more northerly climes will be laughing up your sleeves at this little snow sneeze, but remember, my town is at the same latitude as Casablanca, Morroco, and for us this is a big deal.  Drivers here are not real good at driving during precipitation events (thunderstorms), so let even a little snow fall and it’s demolition derby day on the city streets.   It started snowing and blowing last night:

And by this morning, we had an accumulation, as they say. Per my weather widget, at the moment:





I had some little drifts in the back yard:



And bigger ones in the front yard:

IMG_0844That kind of squarish depression in the snow about in the  middle of the above picture is where a big blob of snow fell off the eave just before I took the picture.  Today looks like a perfect day to stay indoors and snuggle with the kitties.  B’lieve I will.

Speaking of kitties, thought I’d inflict a kitty video on you of the grey one helping me work.

Les Soeurs Lumiere

OK, so I’m listening to Major Ursa internet radio station (which I’m listening to because I still can’t connect to BlueMars!), and a track starts playing by Thomas Köner, Les Soeurs Lumiere p2 from the album Unerforschtes Gebiet, and it’s got talking on it.  So I google “Les Soeurs Lumiere” (which is in English) to see what turns up, and find this:

And made note of the fact that Thomas Köner did the soundtrack.  Aha! The film is slightly less than 30 minutes long, and it’s rather fascinating.

Yet another serendoogle.  I love the interwebs!

It’s My Money and I Want It Now!

Which is the tagline of those commercials/adverts for that company that buys annuities and structured settlements from people so they can have all the money in one lump sum.  What provoked my uttering it today was Paypal.  As has been pointed out before, Paypal is annoyingly cumbersome to deal with and would not have been my method of choice for getting paid.  However, the company I’m now working for pays its employees through Paypal, so I’m having to deal with it as best I can.  And today, when I went to transfer my first “paycheck” and read that it takes 3 to 4 “bidness” days for them to transfer your money from their account to yours — yep, you guessed it.  I’ve been spoiled by having my pay electronically deposited directly into my bank.  Of course, the utility company and my landlord, and the phone company, etc., want their money now, too, and this is making this transition period rather nerve wracking.  Rent was due Friday as was my utilities bill, but I can’t pay both of them with what I have in the bank at this minute, so I have to choose who will howl loudest and pay them first, and pay the other one when my pay gets transferred from Paypal to me and I get it transfered from my savings account to my checking account, which takes another day to happen.  But then, again, this two-bit outfit I’m working for pays weekly, so after I’ve worked for them for more than a week, that will ease the cash flow bottleneck somewhat.  Just to give you an idea of what my work is now like, I transcribed a 31 minute audio file Saturday night and ended up with an 8,026-word transcript — that’s 12 single-spaced pages of typing!  I thought I never get finished with that durn thing! Took me almost 6 hours! I think I’m going to have to stick to doing the shortest available files, unless it’s something really interesting (this one wasn’t).

I got a bottle of 40 glucosamine-chondroitin tablets yesterday and I’m going to take one a day, to see if it helps the pain in my fingers, which is essentially an auto-immune induced osteoarthritis (as a result of having had scarlet fever).  I’ll see if it makes any difference in my pain levels, and if so, I’ll keep on taking it.  The jury is still out on whether taking these supplements benefits osteoarthritis: some studies say, “yes.” and some say, “no.”  We’ll see what happens.

I sat with my dad yesterday while my mom and some of her “girlfriends” went to the Lady Raiders basketball game.  My mom played basketball in high school and enjoys watching basketball games in general and women’s basketball in particular.  When she was playing basketball, (the early 1940’s), they played the “women’s” version of basketball with 6 players on a team, three guards and three forwards (men play on 5-man teams).  In this version, guards had to stay on the “home goal” half of the court and the forwards had to stay on the “opposing goal” half of the court, which means only forwards could score, and nobody could run farther than half the court.  This was because regular full court basketball like the men played, where all the players run from one end of the court to the other, depending on which team has the ball, was thought to be “too strenuous” for women.  I’m not exactly sure when the rules changed and women started playing the same version of the game as men do, but it’s been at least half a century.

The “Lady Raiders” are the women’s basketball team of my alma mater, Texas Tech University (the men’s football, basketball and baseball teams are all called the “Red Raiders”)  This year marked the 20th anniversary of the year (1993) when the Lady Raiders, coached by Marsha Sharp, won the NCAA national championship.  Now, sports are a big deal in Texas, and when one of your University’s sports teams wins the national championship, that’s a really big deal, not just for the alumni, but for the whole town — a big enough deal that Coach Sharp got a campus sports center and a freeway named after her.  (It was the construction of that freeway, and the fact that they would have to demolish the building I lived in, that forced me to move to my current digs in 2001.)  This being the 20th anniversary of same, they had reunited the championship team, and there was a little recognition ceremony for them and coach Sharp during the game.  The outcome of the game my mom went to see was that the Lady Raiders beat the University of Texas Longhorns 69 to 62.  Having said all that, I feel constrained to point out, I haven’t the slightest interest in sports. I might note something in passing, but I wouldn’t choose to watch a sports game.  I’m just not a sports fan. Sorry.

Earlier this afternoon, I had an interesting insight about an interesting philosophical differences between my mom and I.  We both like to play the computer version of the card game “Spider Solitaire” which is essentially a puzzle game with only one player, which you “win” by making the correct sequence of moves to get all the cards stacked up in a particular order.   To her, however, the object of the game is to “beat Sol,” who she sees as her “opponent.” When she succeeds in solving the puzzle, she has “beaten Sol.”  Interestingly, she thinks of “Sol” as masculine, as she has said things like, “try to beat him,” “couldn’t beat him,” etc.  On the other hand, to me, the object of the game is to put the cards back in their “proper” order.  My satisfaction comes not from beating an opponent, hypothetical or otherwise, but from bringing “order” to “chaos.”  I’ve taken something that was all jumbled up, and “made sense” out of it.  Of course, one’s success at playing the game depends as much on the luck of the draw as it does on the skill of the player. The game is set up to “score” by keep a running total of wins versus total number of games played, but I never pay attention to it.  Sometimes, if I don’t win, I’ll replay that “hand” from the beginning as many as 3 times in an attempt to win.  If I don’t win after three attempts, I just start a new game.  Most times, though, if I don’t win, I’ll start a new game.

There are those who view all such games as a waste of time better spent in doing something more “productive” and  “worthwhile.”  I can see their point.  But I also see the “brain exercise value” of such games, and their value as a distraction and outlet for stress.

An Uphill Climb

Taking a break from work, resting my brain a bit.  I’d rest my hands, but that wouldn’t make a difference.  They ache no matter what I do.  Even when I transcribed, back in my salad days, I didn’t have to deal with such long sound files.  They were all pretty short — 1or 2 minutes, 4 minutes occasionally, but rarely a sound file over 10 minutes.  I was never that fast a typist to begin with — on a good day, I maxed out at about 80 wpm — and I’m even slower now, besides being out of practice transcribing. I have to choose files with a longer turn around time because I type so slowly, and have to take frequent breaks.  Another thing.  The pay period ends at midnight on Saturday, but that’s midnight GMT, and there’s a six-hour difference between GMT and CST, which is my zone.  So, actually, the pay period ends at 6 pm CST on Saturday evening.  However, I’ve got this nifty little desktop clock gadget that can show multiple clock faces so you can keep track of multiple time zones.  (It was quite useful in the past when the company I was working for was in California, or Florida, or Pennsylvania, and my supervisor was in Minnesota, or Wyoming, or Virginia, or Georgia.) So, I’ve got one clock set for CST, and one for GMT.

Yesterday morning, I redid my foot pedal, and it’s much better.  I’ve typed 64 minutes with my foot pedal in the right place, and it’s made a big difference.  Just have 70 more minutes to go to make my goal, so I can pay my rent and my electric bill — Since I had to use $100 of my rent money to open the savings account that I now have linked to Paypal.  When I first tried to set it up, they emailed me that it wasn’t a valid account, and wanted me to fax a copy of my bank statement and a copy of my driver’s license — I think not!  So I called them on the phone and we hashed it out — They confirm your bank account by sending you two deposits of odd change (less than a dollar each), and then withdrawing them.  You watch your statement, and when these transactions show up, you go to the Paypal website and enter the two amounts that were deposited.  That happened last night.  However, the bank only lets me make 6 free withdrawals a quarter (works out to two withdrawals a month).  After that, they start charging $5 a pop to make a withdrawal.  Paypal withdrawing the amount they deposited counts as one of my withdrawals, of course.

On my way home from staying with my dad Wednesday, I stopped by my BFF’s house to sort out her computer.  She had been trying to make the print larger by doing it through the display control panel, and had jickied with the fonts.  In the process, she had made her desktop icons go away, and made some of the print smaller.  I had to undo everything she did, and show her how to use the CTRL+Plus key combination to zoom in (which accomplished exactly what she was trying to do — make everything bigger) and CTRL+hyphen key combo to zoom out.  When I set up her computer originally, I wrote down her email address, her email password, her passwords for Hulu and Netflix, etc., put this paper inside a snack size plastic baggie and taped it to the top of her computer.  Bless her, she can’t remember anything without writing it down, but then when she tries to find the information again, she can’t make heads nor tails of her scribbled notes. . .  Those two key combinations got written down and stuffed in the baggie.

On my way home from her house, I stopped into Radio Shack to turn in a lithium cellphone battery for proper disposal, and they had this nifty set of portable speakers that are only about 2 inches thick.  They’re made for laptops, and they magnetically stick together, face-to-face, and have a little carrying bag.  But I got them because the speakers I was using were about 3 x that thick and I have limited desk space.

I don’t know what’s happened to the Blue Mars internet radio station. I try to access it, and get zip.  I can’t connect to it and get it to stream music, which is a major bummer, since it’s my current favorite internet radio station.

My computer table has a lever on each back wheel that locks them and keep them from rolling.  My computer table rolls so much easier since I crawled under it yesterday and unlocked the back wheels.  As my dad used to say, “Watch out for those traps, booby.”

Well, I’d better reapply my nose to the proverbial grindstone.  Alas, this practice, like working one’s behind off, never seems to produce any actual reduction in size of the body part in question. . . .

Teething Troubles

Tuesday, I did two documents for my new job –the audio files are much longer than I’m used to dealing with.  The shortest one on the list was 24 minutes, and the longest was over an hour.  I’m used to 2-, 3- and sometimes 5-minute files at the outside, so this is going to be an adjustment.  However, the work was interesting.  Unfortunately, I tried working with my foot pedal on the floor, and by the time I was done working, my ankles were all swollen from sitting for 5 hours.

I had to go stay with my dad Wednesday from 9:30 until 3 pm.  My ankles were still swollen, but better than the day before.  After I left my folks’ house, I went over to my BFF’s place and unsnarled her computer for her.  Somehow, she had unchecked the “show desktop icons” option and her icons “disappeared” off her desktop.  Then, when she was attempting to make the font size larger so she could see it, she got the fonts in her browser all cattywompus.  I had to figure out what she had done and then get everything back the way it was supposed to be.  I showed her how to use the CTRL key in combination with the plus and minus keys to “zoom in” or “zoom out” and make everything uniformly bigger.  By the time I got done with that, it was dark.

My hands had ached all day (and the night before), and I said the heck with it and went to bed.  But, all between Tuesday and Thursday, I was thinking how to get my foot pedal up where I could use it from my recliner.  When I was using the old desk, I had the foot pedal hanging off the edge of a table behind the desk so that the table leg was behind it.  That had worked well, but since my office configuration had changed, I had to work out another way.  So today, I made the first attempt.

The idea was sound, but I got it too low and I have to turn my foot to the side to use it.  Also and I didn’t affix it as effectively as I could have.  Tomorrow, I’m going to redo it, but here are the pix from today

The first step was to take the cover plate off and drill holes in the base of the foot pedal so I would be able to affix it.  I drilled 8 holes, two in each corner.





Next, I cut four lengths of — yes — bailing wire. It doesn’t say “bailing wire” on the package, because I got it at Home Depot where they sell 50-foot lengths of it, and not Gebo’s, where they sell it by big spools to go on the hay bailer, or did until everybody switched to the round baies.  However, bailing wire is an essential must-have supply for “southern engineering” anything, as is duct tape.





I bent the lengths of bailing wire into “U’s” and pushed them through the holes, then put the cover plate back on.

The desk area
The desk area

This is my setup.  The piece of pegboard is screwed to the back of the bookcase, so in order to affix the foot pedal to it, I had to unscrew it so I could push the wires on the foot pedal through the holes in the pegboard and twist them together on the other side .





The idea is sound, but the application needs improving and, as I say, I got it positioned too low.  Tomorrow, the cordless drill, wire snips, pliers and bailing wire are coming back out and I’ll get it sorted.  You could affix the foot pedal to a wall, but you’d have to screw the base of the foot pedal to a piece of wood that was about an inch wider on both sides, but an inch shorter top to bottom, and then screw the piece of wood onto the wall, because the screws that keep the cover on are unscrewed from the back,and you have to take the cover off to affix the base to anything.

Rainy Tuesday Morning

Got my savings account set up so I can get paid for work, and sold another item off Craigslist.  Still haven’t gotten any nibbles on my desk.  Got all but two skeins of yarn wound into balls.  Here’s my mobius shrug:

IMG_0783 I like the way it turned out.  It’s nice and warm on my shoulders.

A while ago, the black kitty pushed the office door closed and came and laid down on my feet.  He’s not jealous and possessive or anything.  I let him have his way until the white one wanted out.  I had to get up and open the door again.  I got a video of the black one playing with a twist tie.  I’ll have to clean it up, add some music to mask the TV sound in the background, and post it.

There ‘s been a rain icon on my weather widget all day, but it was nice and sunshiny while I was out today.  But, it’s been rumbling and thundering intermittently for about half an hour now, and a couple of minutes ago, it was raining hard enough for me to hear it on the roof — or at least I thought it was rain.  When I looked out the back door just a minute ago, I discovered it wasn’t rain:

IMG_0795It’s not snow either.  It’s little pea-size hail.  There was a really big peal of thunder just now.  Checked the Doppler radar gadget on my Google homepage, and saw why.  We’re right under that big oblong green blob down the middle — actually, we’re under the yellow/brown bit toward the bottom.

Screenshot_8I think I’ve had about all the fun I want for today.  Time for me to shut the ‘puters down, herd the kitties out of the office, and hit the hay.

The Status of the Quo on a Sunday Evening

Moving into the second week following the major shakeup and rearrangement chez nous,things are settling down again.  Turns out there was one unexpected side-effect of all my vacuum cleaner herding and furniture wrestling: I lost 7 lbs– and good riddance! After a bit of fine tuning, like putting my desk waste basket on the right side of the desk instead of on the left, I’m really liking my new office configuration.  Unfortunately, my house cleaning bender was hard on the skin of my hands, what with the cleaning solutions and my hands being in water so much, and I developed a deep crack in the skin at the tip of my right thumb.  I’ve been putting petroleum jelly on it, putting a Band-aid on to hold the edges together, then covering the whole end of my thumb to the knuckle with a fingertip cut off one of those plastic disposable gloves to keep it from getting wet.  It seems to be working.  It’s not nearly so painful any more.

Here in the flatlands, we missed all the snow and brouhaha of winter storm Nemo that did such a number on New England, but we’ve had a couple of days when the dirt blew, and frankly, I would rather have had the snow.  Writer Elizabeth Bear had a photo up on her Tumblr blog of her shoveling the snow they got where she lives in Massachusetts. The spot where she is shoveling is waist deep, and the drift behind her is head high — and Bear is on the tall side, probably 5’9″ or 5’10”. Writer Sharon Lee who lives in Winslow, Maine, said they got about 24 inches, but the wind drifted it much higher in places.

In my last post, I mentioned that last week I got another transcription job.  They pay through Paypal, so I need to go to the bank tomorrow and set up a savings account that I can link to Paypal.  (I don’t care how secure Paypal claims to be.  I’m not about to give them my checking account number.)  My bank has electronic banking, so I can access both accounts and transfer funds from one to the other through the bank’s website on the internet.  This firm doesn’t do medical dictation. They do “general” transcription:  Things like transcripts of speeches and addresses, meetings, legal depositions, oral histories, and such like, so it won’t be same-old, same-old.  We are allowed to pick the jobs we want to transcribe based on how many minutes long it is (so I could just do short ones, if I wanted to) and they give bonuses for doing jobs that must be transcribed verbatim.  I don’t have a set schedule when I have to be on working; I can work whenever I want, and work as much as I can.  That means I’ll be able to go stay with my dad whenever my mom needs me to.  The best part, though is that there is no minimum quota of either speed or quantity that I would have to meet (i.e., average at least x number of minutes per hour or do x minutes per shift), all of which is ideal for my situation.  I just have to turn each job within the time limit specified.  They pay by the minute, and they pay weekly on Mondays. I’ll start work tomorrow after I get home from setting up my new savings account so I can add that information to the “buyer’s” Paypal account I already have and have it set up so money can go both ways.  If I should decide later to sell things from my own website or through an etsy shop or Amazon, I’ll have the Paypal account already set up.

I finished my mobius shrug yesterday.  Except for “neatening” — tucking in yarn ends where I joined on more yarn — it’s done.  I’m getting close to finishing  my 9 blade pinwheel shawl and, as I suspected, I won’t have enough of the shimmer yarn to finish it out to a decent size.  Since it’s just a proof-of-concept piece, I was able to match the light blue in a nonshimmer yarn when I went to Michael’s yesterday to get a bunch more yarn — some pink that goes with the mulberry yarn I want to use to do this top-down sweater pattern I found, and some teal and turquoise to do a “for real” 9-blade pinwheel shawl and make it larger this time so I can wear it like a Celtic ruana if i want to and pin it with one of my larger penannular brooches.  (I have a replica of the silver Viking brooch shown in the Wikipedia article.) I want to try some toe-up socks using Turkish cast on method.  I’ve got a bunch of skeins of yarn that need to be wound into balls.  I think I’ll sign off now and go turn the TV on and watch and wind. . .

On To The Living Room

The living room was more of a cleaning and rearranging job than anything, although I did move two pieces of furniture to other rooms.  My dad will be 91 on his next birthday, and is frail and nearly blind from macular degeneration.  He has to use a rolling walker to get around.  There were two main goals of the rearrangement.  The first was to make it easier for my dad to get into and out of the room through the front door, and to remove obstacles so as to give him clear access the chair with the highest seat, which is the easiest chair for him to get into and out of.  The second was to shift the best seat in the house for watching TV from the couch to one of the leather chairs that have a matching footstool.

What I started out with
What I started out with

I had two end-tables pushed together for a coffee table, and the gold chair is the chair with the highest seat.  The foot stool was pushed out of the way beside the sofa as there was no room for it to be used as a footstool.  The only one who used it was the white cat.  The sofa was on the left and the two matching leather chairs were in front of the windows.  The burgundy recliner at the far end of the room was going to the office to the reading nook.  To the left of it is the TV armoire.

The burgundy recliner for the reading nook
The burgundy recliner for the reading nook

This duplex was built in the 1970’s by two unmarried sisters who were probably in their 60’s at the time, which explains why originally there was only one phone jack in the whole house — on the other side of the wall just to the right of the burgundy chair in the photo above (which is the beginning of the hallway that leads to the rest of the house).  In the years since their passing, a phone jack was put in each of the bedrooms, but that’s it.  Only three phone jacks in this entire side of the duplex. I’ve got a phone in my bedroom that’s plugged directly into the wall jack, and my “gateway,” which controls the TV signal, the phone service and the broadband/wireless service is plugged directly into the jack in my office (the second bedroom).  My solution was to get a cordless phone with three handsets and put one handset and charger in the kitchen, one handset and charger in my office, and the handset with the main unit (the part that actually requires a phone line to be connected to it) in the living room, and get a 50-foot white phone cord and a staple gun.

Jack in the hallway
Goes left to the corner and up to the ceiling
Goes left to the corner and up to the ceiling





Over the living room entrance to the other corner by the front door
Over the living room entrance to the other corner by the front door
Down to the baseboard and around the wall following the baseboard into the living room
Down to the baseboard and around the wall following the baseboard into the living room









-To connect with the base unit of the cordless phone in the living room. It’s called the Columbus method — going east by sailing west — devious and circuitous, but it gets the job done a great deal less expensively than having a guy come out and install a phone jack in the wall.  I’d bet money that nobody coming into my house would notice it was there unless I pointed it out.

Everything comes up and goes to one end of the room.
Everything comes up and goes to one end of the room.

So the carpeting can get a thorough vacuuming.  The area on the left by the front door — with the three posts — is a pony wall.  The phone cord goes around this and ends up just past where the left most table lamp is.

Including the drapes.  The kitties like to sit on the windowsill.
Including the drapes. The kitties like to sit on the windowsill.

I can clean them without having to take them down by using the upholstery brush on my tank vacuum — Gives my arms quite a workout.  That white curtain behind the drapes looks crocheted but is actually plastic.  Wallmart used to have it in 6-foot wide rolls and sold it by the yard.  Both edges have the decorative scallops.  I like it because cat hair doesn’t stick to it, and like a sheer, they let in light while maintaining privacy. –Walmart also used to sell clear plastic sheeting by the yard — I bought two pieces to cover the table cloths on my dining room table. — a smaller piece for the table without the leaf (seats 4), and a larger one for when the leaf is in (seats 6). Not only do they keep the cat hair off the table cloth*, but they also keep spills off them, which not only protects the table cloth from stains, but also protects the table finish.  Unfortunately, Walmart stopped selling both of these when they stopped selling fabric and other yard goods.

Sofa in place
Sofa in place

With my delicious leopard print fleece throw on the sofa back. . .

All sorted.
All sorted.

The living room is the kitties’ favorite afternoon hangout, hence the cat beds in all the chairs.  It’s 10 o’clock at night, however, which is why they’re all somewhere else.  That curious object in the lower right hand corner is a tightly packed ball of (used) aluminum foil.  The black one is big on playing kitty soccer (footie) with balls of aluminum foil.

The gold chair has the highest seat.
The gold chair has the highest seat (and a cat bed in it).

The “coffee table” in front of the sofa is gone.  I’ve put one of the end tables on the right-hand end of the couch, but the other one is now surplus to need.  The chair with the brown pillow has a straight on view of the TV and use of the ottoman, with a handy side table for phone, tissues, TV remote, and beverage of choice. My BFF refers to a chair thus outfitted as “The Captain’s Chair.”  You will note that the grey kitty’s bearskin is on the cat table in between the gold chair and the other brown leather chair.

The burgundy recliner ended up here:

The office reading nook
The office reading nook and little miss ring-tailed doozy**. . .

The surplus table and the chair for the roll-top desk, which I’m keeping as I got it from my brother and his late first wife when they and I both lived in West (by God) Virginia (it was the only chair I had at the time), are in my bedroom.  The table is where the TV armoire was, and the chair is on the other side of the “chester drawers” between it and the door.  I figured the table would be immediately preempted by the kitties (since proven to be true), but I put the chair in the bedroom so I would have some place to sit and put my socks on, since the bed is too high to sit on easily, and leaning against it for balance is rather awkward.  So far, I have been unable to use the chair for this purpose without first removing a cat.

*The kitties are not supposed to get up on the dining room table or on the kitchen counters, but apparently, they think “No!” means “Not while I’m looking.”
** a “ring-tailed doozy” is just like a just plain doozy, only more.